When you need to host a party your first worry is what will you serve. Maybe sushi? No! too fishy! Indian? No thanks. What about if we try some real Mexican food?

Elmo's Catering service will cook in your own kitchen. If you were asking, isn't Mexican food spicy? Not always, although Mexicans are famous because of their spicy food, Elmo knows that most part of people in Canada doesn't eat it. You can have an enchilada without getting burn for sure!

chicken enchilada with pasilla chili

 Do you prefer a cochinita pibil maybe? We can tell you this dish is delicious. Optionally, if you are into chile habanero, you can add a special add-on to spice it up.

cochinita pibil taco

 Maybe you like chicken and rice. Then the enchiladas poblanas is what you need.

mole poblano

 If your guesses are into food, this dish will satisfy them. The pozole, it could be white or red (spicy).


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Elmo's entusiasmatic joy for food has no limits. She truly believe tasty food is a right of everyone.

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