One of the most representative dishes of our Mexico is the mole, of which we know many varieties, although the best known are the mole poblano and the mole oaxaqueña. A dish whose origin dates back to the pre-Hispanic era and that over the centuries has been transformed, like our culture.

In the south-central area of our Mexico, it is common for the mole to be chosen as the main course in celebrations: patron saint festivities, weddings, XV years, baptisms and even after funerals; There is no lack in the Day of the Dead, nor is it left aside if it has been desired for the meal of the day.
In addition to mole poblano, experts estimate that there are 50 other types of mole in Mexico, including white mole, cheese mole, yellow mole, tablecloth stain, almond mole, green pipian, pot mole, red pipián, mole Prieto and the black mole


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